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Don’t speak doglish? We’ll translate – “I want to go to Devon”.

Dogs all over the country are being swept by a strange country fever…

They can’t stop pining after dog friendly holidays in Devon. A lady in central Birmingham was shocked, after arriving home from work, to find her chihuahua standing on her laptop, trying to book a Devon break.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes. Coco was on my computer. He’d managed to punch the words deevonnb brekjj into the search. Google had autocorrected it to Devon break, and there he was, surfing the offers. I checked the history and he’d mashed the keypad with his paws hundreds of times, with all sorts of random combinations. Once my surprise disappeared, I thought, he’s got taste”.

Our Dog Friendly Holidays

At Lady’s Mile on the Devon coast, we welcome dogs to our holiday park. They’re always as excited as their humans to be in Devon, so we thought we’d ask them what was so great about it. Below are some popular, if odd, answers.

    • Cow and badger sniff
    • Lots of open space to run
    • Splashy beach water
    • Pasties (transcend species)
    • Walkies, walkies, walkies!


It’s obvious dogs love what we do about Devon. The country air, pristine beaches, aquamarine seas, tasty food, and wide-open spaces. Devon is a UK holiday paradise packed with dog walks, outdoor activities, family attractions, and is famous for a relaxed way of life.

Don’t leave your dog at home, take them on a dog friendly Devon holiday at Lady’s Mile.

Everyone Loves A Happy Dog

How are you feeling? If there’s one thing we can all relate to, it’s being fed up with coronavirus lockdowns. Over the past year, we’ve had to look for new ways to keep busy, active, and feel okay. One of these ways, is by getting dogs. Yes, the coronavirus lockdown has seen a big increase in dog ownership.

Why? Because dogs help tackle loneliness, encourage exercise, and generally make us happier. Something welcome, under current circumstances. However, it brings to mind the slogan “a dog is for life, not just for Christmas”.  This is true, dogs are not novelties to stave off the tedium of lockdown, or creatures that will adapt and demand less once we’re back at our workplaces. They are living beings, deserving of a good life.

Thinking of this, we’ve put together some ideas to help any dedicated dog owner make their pup’s tail wag. Because, like us, they need some TLC and variety too.

Looking for something different?

Relax and unwind at our sister Holiday Park, Oakcliff – Away from the hustle and bustle.

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